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The REPS Report - September 2021

Ohio Cat Rental Store, Perrysburg, Ohio

Job Spotlight: Ohio Cat Rental Store, Perrysburg, Ohio

REPS of Ohio is proud to have represented and supplied panels from East Coast Metal Systems (ECMS), a Premium MCM Fabricator. This project was the ECMS Project of the Month. It included the Ohio Cat Rental Store and Peterbilt buildings which included offices, retail space, and a truck service center.

Designed and contracted by Marous Brothers Construction, ECMS fabricated the panels utilizing the EC-200 Rainscreen System. VM Systems installed a total of 373 EC-200 4mm, fire rated core ACM panels spanning 7,116 square feet. To enhance the entry of the Ohio Cat Rental Store in Perrysburg, Ohio the 373 panels were finished in eight different colors to add a pops of color to the façades. 

Do you have a need for metal products on your next building project?  The REPS Team works closely with ECMS and is ready to assist!

Photo credit: East Coast Metal Systems, See more photos


September Spotlight Contractor

VM Systems Logo

VM Systems is a sheet metal sub-contractor out of Toledo, OH. They have been specializing in custom fabrication since 1973 as well as commercial HVAC services. They were the installers for the Ohio CAT and Peterbilt buildings. Visit their website

September Spotlight Products

Kemper System Low VOC

Kemper System Stays Competitive with Low VOC Waterproofing and Coating Systems for a variety of indoor applications.

Building owners and occupants have never been so aware of what is in the air they breathe. To help provide peace of mind and to meet current LEED standards, Kemper System has tested key products to the most widely accepted VOC emission standard for indoor applications; California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Standard Method V1.2.

Read more about JM SBS or ask the REPS team which solution is right for you.

ECMS Ohio Cat Store Job


As shown in this month's Job spotlight, the EC-200TM System from ECMS exceeds the needs and wants of both architects and contractors by creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and durable design. Building owners are always pleased with their competitive lead times.

If you are in need of custom engineered architectural metal and interior/exterior envelope systems. The REPS Team would love to tell you more! and answer any questions you may have.


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