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The REPS Report - October 2022

JM Roof

Spotlight Job:
New Nova Steel Tube Mill with JM Roofing System

This new facility in Delta, Ohio features a 360,000 SF Johns Manville (JM) roofing system. The roofing solution selected was TPO 60 white Rhino Plate system over two layers - 1.75” Enrgy 3 Polyisosyanyuate achieving (LTTR 20). The REPS team worked to learn the needs of the new building project to make sure the best roofing system and products were selected. The client will also have peace of mind for years to come as this system includes a 20 Year NDL Manufacturer's Warranty from JM.

The install was successfully completed this Fall by Wolfe Roofing, a JM Peak Advantage Contractor out of Wallbridge, Ohio.

Contact the REPS team to learn more about the TPO, EDPM, and other top level roofing solutions.

*Photo credit: Wolfe Roofing

October Spotlight Products



JM All Season Sprayable Bonding Adhesive

Johns Manville 

JM All Season Sprayable Bonding Adhesive 

Stressing about jobs slowing into the Winter? Would keeping your crews working into the cold weather add value to your projects?

JM helps crews keep moving forward by offering All Season Sprayable Bonding Adhesive. This aerosol bonding adhesive can be used for both TPO and EPDM adhered roofing systems and wall flashings. The JM All Season adhesive complies to Low VOC requirements and is a contact adhesive requiring two-sided application. The two-sided sprayable aerosol adhesive for both warm and cold weather applications with fast drying properties in a pressurized canister.

View Product Info or Contact REPS to learn more


Exterior Spotlight Product


Strongirt Logo        

Strongwell’s STRONGIRT

Strongwell’s STRONGIRT is the ideal continuous insulation (CI) cladding attachment support system. STRONGIRT has been engineered for strength and stiffness to support cladding, insulation, and wind loads, while offering a simple, durable, cost effective solution for installers.

  • 100% FRP System (No Metal to Rust or React)
  • Superior Pullout Strength
  • Invisible in Rainscreen Cavities
  • Light Weight
  • Works with All Non-Proprietary Insulation

Visit the STRONGIRT website or connect with us to learn more.


Waterproofing Spotlight Product


Kemper System Logo  

Kemperol® Reflect 2K FR

Help the Environment and Your Bottom Line

Looking to improve building energy efficiency, contribute to the reduction of the urban heat island effect, increase efficiency of solar panels, exceed the LEED V2009 and LEED V4 requirements, and comply with other cool roof codes? Kemperol® Reflect 2K FR can do just that. The new bright white formulation has been tested and is listed by the Cool Roof Rating Council and boasts an initial SRI value of 110. This easy-to-apply fully-reinforced membrane is also solvent-free, odor-free, and low VOC.

The new liquid waterproofing system cures to a bright white finish. No topcoat is necessary, which reduces labor costs and installation time. The new Cool Roof resin system consists of 70% rapidly renewable resources and is fire rated for Class-A roof assemblies.

Contact REPS for more information on Kemperol® Reflect 2K FR from Kemper System.


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