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The REPS Report - December 2022

JM TPO Safety Walkpad

December Spotlight Products



New from JM - TPO Safety Walkpad

Johns Manville 

This all new TPO Safety Walkpad from JM is available now for ordering!

It provides a safe, stable and maintenance-free walkway for quick and easy access to rooftop equipment in high traffic areas. The material offers a 
highly textured surface for better underfoot traction for improved safety when walking across the roof surface.

The vibrant safety yellow color serves as a highly visible warning to areas of caution or potential hazards on the rooftop.  

This new improved safety walkpad replaces SKU 70005045 that was discontinued due to supply chain challenges.

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Contact the Roofing Team at REPS to keep your roofing crew safe!


Waterproofing Spotlight Product:

Kemperol 022 waterproofing

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Kemperol® 022 Waterproofing Membrane

Kemperol® 022 is a two-component, cold liquid-applied, reinforced, solvent free, high performance seamless and self-terminating liquid synthetic waterproofing membrane that can be applied in a single layer application.


  • - No sealer required
  • - Single layer, time saving application
  • - 40 mil /1 mm membrane thickness
  • - Suitable for interior waterproofing applications
  • - For most substrates such as concrete, wood, cement boards, and metal surfaces primer is not required.
  • - Can be applied to walls and floors with direct or indirect load and floor drainage.
  • - ANSI A118.10 compliant
  • - Fleece reinforced
  • - Even layer thickness
  • - 2 mm joint spanning

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Contact REPS for more information on utilizing Kemperol® 022 on your next building project


Exterior Spotlight Product


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Introducing Eliminailer-T Wood Nailer Alternative from Metal-Era

Replacing wood nailers at the building perimeter with Eliminailer-T increases the structural integrity of the roof perimeter, significantly reduces risk of failure, and helps protect the entire roof system from costly damages and blow off.


  • - Comes in varying sizes for low slope applications, non-tapered, and pitched metal roof retrofits.
  • - Using Eliminailer-T, insulation can be continuous directly to the roof’s edge, improving thermal performance.
  • - It is fast and easy to install and comes with pre-punched fastening holes to ensure proper installation, every time. 

REPS is proud to Represent Metal-Era products for our Kentucky customers

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Spotlight REPS Job:

Project underway at Carnegie Mellon University! 

Situra Waterproof Expansion Joints


Carnegie Mellon University’s new Scaife Hall is utilizing Situra's RedLINE®40G Monolithic Waterproof Expansion Joint installed with hot rubberized asphalt (view other materials it is compatible with).

RedLINE®40G is specifically designed to accommodate building movements, up to 2 1/2” [60 mm] under hydrostatic pressure. It is also an ideal choice for the project as the flat profile does not obstruct the flow of water to drainage resulting in the elimination of ponded water. 

Tom Brown Contracting is the installing contractor and PJ Dick is the general contractor. Contractors and installers love working with the product because it eliminates wood curbs, metal components such metal flashing, nails and screws, and caulked or glued seams, resulting in significant labor savings. In addition, the product was supplied directly to the job site in a roll with all detail work done and seamed together by a proprietary vulcanizing process, resulting in monolithic and elastic seamed joints. (Seaming can also be done on site if required.)

Completion for this project is slated for Spring of 2023. Be sure you are following us on socials for project updates!

View more applications and details of Situra RedLINE®40G

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*Photo credit: Ryan Dietz, REPS of Ohio


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