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The REPS Report - February 2023

DuPont Thermax

Roofing Spotlight Product: 

JM PVC Roof 

Need Single Ply Roofing? Consider JM PVC! 


Why Choose a PVC Membrane?

  • - Chemical resistance
  • - Fire resistance (PVC is self-extinguishing)
  • - Excellent durability and life expectancy
  • - Recyclability


JM PVC Systems Passes the Test of Time 

After testing samples of a 40 mil Fleece Back asphalt applied PVC roof installed in 1992 and harvested in 2010, it was still performing when removed after enduring:


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Waterproofing Spotlight Product:

 Kempertec R Primer

KEMPERTEC® R Primer from Kemper System

What is it?

KEMPERTEC® R Primer is a quick-curing, high bonding primer used between acceptable prepared substrates and KEMPEROL® cold liquid-applied reinforced membrane and coating systems.

What are its uses?

KEMPERTEC® R Primer is used to prime a wide range of substrates including bitumen roofing, coated-glass faced high-density polyiso cover board, plywood, steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, lead, copper, zinc, glass and other substrates.  

How can I learn more?

Kemper Training Class


Larry from REPS recently joined Kemper System at their NY HQ where the mason and sheet metal shop workers from Cornell University received training of Kemper primers and waterproofing products.




Exterior Spotlight Product:

ECMS EC-300 Rainscreen

NEW! EC-300 Dry Joint Rainscreen Plate System from ECMS

This new durable, environmentally friendly, and high-performance cladding system is a higher end system that is cost effective. 

Benefits of the EC-300 System:

  • - Achieve the recessed-joint look without separate reveal strips
  • - Environmentally Friendly: 100% recyclable, non-combustible
  • - ASTM E300, ASTM E283, ASTM E331-00, AAMA 501.1
  • - Compatible with 0.063” and 0.080” Aluminum Plate as well as Copper, Steel and Stainless Steel.
  • - Endless color choices!


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February Spotlight REPS Job:

Dupont Armorwall Logo  

Cupertino Warehouse moving along thanks to the easy-to-install, multipurpose continuous insulation

Thermax™ Sheathing is a multipurpose, nonstructural, rigid board insulation that is quick and easy to install. Ask us about its wide range of options and applications!  View Project


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