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The REPS Report - June 2023

Roofing Spotlight Product: 

JM Windsmart

Tough Installation Issues are Easily Solved with WindSmart Systems®

JM/WindSmart® Vented Roof Systems combine Johns Manville's high-quality roofing products with the innovative WindSmart® vented technology to offer a uniquely different and proven process to installing roof assemblies. 

This flexible and versatile system allows us to help you creatively solve tough installation issues.

WindSmart Systems® can be installed:

  • - Over difficult to fasten decks such as tectum, gypsum or precast where fastening is not a good option
  • - Over fastenable decks where conduit is located under the deck
  • - Wherever asbestos must remain in place and un-disturbed
  • - Where sensitive internal environments exist (food, pharma, and manufacturing) or any time fasteners can not penetrate the deck or where adhered systems will not work
  • - On blue roofs / Storm Water Retention roofs to minimize the risk of damage to a leak detection system (wiring & sensors)

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Exterior Spotlight Product:




View video to learn the science behind these self-cleaning, air purifying, anti-virus and anti-bacterial panels!

CERACLAD™ Saves Building Owners Time & Money with Self Cleaning Technology 

Finally a building that works for you! CERACLAD has an exclusive Photocatalytic Coating that naturally self-cleans. The sunshine decomposes dirt, then the rain washes it away. Contact REPS and say goodbye to dirty buildings and ongoing maintenance and hello to CERACLAD panels!

Waterproofing Spotlight Product:

AC Tech 2170 FC

AC Tech 2170 FC Fast Curing, Zero VOC Epoxy Resin for Vapor Reduction 

When time is of the essence, especially in already occupied buildings, count on one-of-a-kind AC•Tech 2170™FC for a fast 4 hour cure time! This concrete moisture remediation coating works on all types of interior and exterior concrete flooring systems.

Other features:

  • - Single Coat System; No Sand Broadcasting
  • - Tested to contain less than 0.00000 VOC Emissions
  • - No Perceptible Odor; Safe for sensitive areas
  • - 15 Year Material & Labor Warranty
  • - Easy-To-Apply

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Spotlight Project

Armorwall Project in progress

The REPS Team is all about full service support!

The Delhi Town Center project has been an awesome display of teamwork that our customers come to expect when having the REPS Team onboard! The ArmorWall product was delivered by the Interior Supply, Inc. Cincinnati team and PCI completed a solid install. We are thankful to Turner Construction Company for having us onsite to ensure a smooth transition before cladding installation.

Featured Insulation Product Shown: DuPont ArmorWall Fire-Rated Structural Insulated Sheathing

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