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The REPS Report - July 2023

Roofing Spotlight Product: 

JM TPO Project

*Photo courtesy of Commercial Roofing and Coating Systems, LLC.

The JM RhinoPlate System

The JM RhinoPlateTM System is a FM Global® approved alternative for JM TPO and JM PVC systems. This system uses coated plates to secure the insulation to the deck. The RhinoPlate is then welded to the JM membrane without creating penetrations in the waterproofing surface.

- Enhanced Productivity - may require 25% to 50% fewer fasteners when compared to in-seam fastening methods. 

- Reduced Flutter and Improved Aesthetics - does not require seam fasteners to secure the system; therefore, fastening points are spread across the entire roof in a grid pattern rather than being concentrated on the edge of the membrane. This creates a more evenly distributed load, yielding higher wind uplift approvals and reducing the potential for membrane flutter − all while providing improved rooftop performance and better aesthetics!

- Faster Dry-In - In some installations, a membrane seam can be welded before the JM RhinoPlate is bonded to the membrane. This enables the contractor to get a larger area of the building dry to prevent moisture infiltration into the building or reassign skilled workers to complete other parts of the installation before fully securing the membrane in the roofing system.

- Best-in-Class FM Global Approvals - Using six fasteners per board, an approval of 1-90 has been tested and achieved. With eight per board, JM TPO has achieved an industry best 1-135! 

See Spotlight Project below to see Rhino Bond attached TPO membrane in action!

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Exterior Spotlight Product:

 REPS Welcomes Cladding CorpHere's a quick overview of the rainscreen products from Cladding Corp 

Swisspearl - Fiber Cement Rainscreens

  • - Made of natural raw materials from the Swiss mountains. 
  • - Can be easily installed to retrofit or reclad existing structures.
  • - Has a lifespan of over 40 years.

Terra 5 - Terracotta Rainscreens 

  • - 100% Natural Material that is maintenance-free
  • - Frost, fade, and UV Resistant
  • - Sustainable, recyclable, and long-life durability

Ceramic 5 - Porcelain Rainscreen

  • - Economical, high-performance rainscreen assembly
  • - Pollutant resistant panels – ideal for high-traffic environments
  • - Unalterable colors that are not affected by light or weathering

Eco Cladding - Subframing Systems

  • - Tested and proven systems that are installation-friendly
  • - Designed to be ASHRAE 90.1 and local energy-code complaint 
  • - Becoming the system of choice for those who specialize in rainscreen


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Waterproofing Spotlight Product:

REPS Welcomes Polyguard

REPS is Pleased to Introduce Polyguard

Polyguard Products specializes in products that protect surfaces and structures from moisture, water and other undesired substances. We are focusing on the following Waterproofing products from Polyguard’s Architectural Division to meet your waterproofing and building envelope needs.


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Spotlight Project

JM TPO Project

*Photo courtesy of Commercial Roofing and Coating Systems, LLC.

JM TPO Roofing System Install - Minerva, Ohio

The Arbors of Minerva project was an ~10,000 SqFt complete tear off and partial decking replacement by Commercial Roofing and Coating Systems, LLC.

This full JM Roofing system featured installation of double layer 2.2” insulation and a RhinoPlateTM attached TPO membrane, complete with a 20 year warranty. 

Here's what Commercial Roofing and Coating Systems, LLC has to say about JM TPO with the JM Rhino Bond System:

"When Customers take the time to explain their roofing needs and budget constraints for major projects, more often than not the JM Rhino Bond system is the best recommendation.  The JM Rhino Bond system offers efficiency and performance that matches their exact budget requirements.  Rhino Bond is the most heavily relied upon roofing system of any of our roofing system solutions."   


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