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- ProtectoR™ HD Sell Sheet - See the advantages of ProtectoR HD 1/2" High-Density Polyiso Cover Board

- JM Polyiso Cover Boards Brochure Discover the strengths of JM Polyiso Cover Boards

- ProtectoR™ Data Sheet Review technical information

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JM Roofing

With industry-wide material delays, added costs, and labor shortages, JM with their 160+ years of roofing experience, provides alternatives that may alleviate some of these challenges. The REPS team can help carefully select alternative to meet your needs without sacrificing quality or performance.

- SBS – There is no need for fasteners as you can heat weld, hot apply, or cold apply SBS membranes to your substrate. 

- Temporary Roof – These barriers dry-in your project prior to final installation of your full roofing system, providing a solution for 30 to 120 days while you wait for your final products to arrive. 

- Urethane Adhesives – with the shortages on fasteners and plates, here are some alternatives for installing your single ply membranes:

JM All Season Sprayable Bonding Adhesive

JM PVC All Season Sprayable Bonding Adhesive

JM Two-Part UIA (Canister)

JM Roofing System Urethane Adhesive 

- Alternatives to Gypsum – JM has alternative solutions to traditional gypsum cover boards and substrate boards.

Perlite – These boards contain recycled content and can provide an R-value as high as 2.78 per inch. Perlite products include: RetroPlus™DuraBoard®, and FESCO®.

High-Density Polyisocyanurate – This lightweight alternative is easy to work with, mold and damage resistant, and has a high R-value of 5 per inch. 


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