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The REPS Report - September 2023

Roofing Spotlight Product: 

PVC Roofing Video

Want to Expand Your PVC Roofing Knowledge?

Here's everything you want to know about PVC commercial roofing products!

Subject matter expert, Mark Brandon from Johns Manville, helps attendees understand PVC single ply roofing along with its history and where it stands in the overall commercial roofing market share. He also talks about the importance of being able to accurately communicate the benefits of PVC along with best practice considerations for installation of this resilient and high-performance product.

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Exterior Spotlight Product:


New Aluminum Cladding Styles from Dizal

Dizal Cladding

   Dizal Logo  
Dizal has made modifications to various visual aspects of 59 of their aluminum cladding styles, based on customer feedback.

You may be wondering...

Will the original style still be available in production?

  • - Yes, the original style with a product number beginning with "1xx" will be available at no additional cost until August 30, 2024.

Will it be possible to replace an approved project using the original style with the reworked version?

  • - Yes, if the order has not been produced or is not currently in production, the new version of the style with a product number beginning with “2xx” will need to be reapproved by the client and stakeholders in order for all parties to see the differences.

Do the prices of styles beginning with "2xx" differ from the "1xx" styles?

  • - No, the prices remain the same.


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Waterproofing Spotlight Product:

Naturaaseal Roof Coating

 NaturaSeal Logo

NS-AcriSeal - White Polyurethane Acrylic Elastomeric Coating

Naturaseal AcriSeal forms a weather resistant membrane that reflects the suns heat which reduces the interior temperature of buildings.  

Developed for use over existing roofing systems such as single-ply, metal, modified bitumen, built-up (BUR) and concrete for commercial and industrial applications, Naturaseal AcriSeal forms a protective barrier that expands and contracts with varying temperatures.

Product Highlights

  • - Easy to Apply
  • - Protects the roof from UV degradation
  • - High reflectivity for energy savings
  • - High adhesion to NS R-200 Roofing Membrane
  • - Can also be used as an interior coating

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