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COVID-19 Resources

shelter modules from Maxlife IndustriesProducts Available from REPS:

  •  - Factory-built shelter modules from Maxlife Industries are now available for use in temporary hospital, office and residential settings. Units are 20' x 10' and can be shipped anywhere in North America.
  •  - Kemper System hand sanitizer. Available in 12 oz. bottles, sold in boxes of 12. 

Work from Home Resources:

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Maxlife Industries

Armorwall Handbook

ArmorWall Rated Assemblies Handbook | View/Download Handbook

This book serves as a guide in understanding ArmorWall Structural Insulated Sheathing™ integrated fire-rated assembly details for use in commercial and residential projects. Use it to specifiy ArmorWall Structual Insulated Sheathing (SIS) in commercial multifamily buildings.

ArmorWall VP Installation Manual | View/Download Manual
This Manual provides detailed technical requirements to aid architects and designers in specifying ArmorWall VP for their projects. General contractors and installers will find great value in the step-by-step installation instructions and material lists that make preparing for an ArmorWall VP installation fast and easy.

Eastern Architectural Products 


This updated digital brochure includes Patina Rough, Patina Inline, and the new colors for Cover.

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