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Exterior Products

Exterior products and rain screen assemblies play a critical role in enhancing the sustainability of a structure and completing the building envelope.  

REPS of Ohio is here to help you choose the right exterior products for your next project. We strive to stay abreast of the latest technological developments and to facilitate the transfer of the latest technology and best sustainable construction practices to the design community. We partner with the design professional in every phase of this process to provide the building owners with a finished project they will be satisfied with for many years to come.

We Offer Exterior Products from:
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Wall Cladding Systems

 - Parklex Prodema (Natural wood high pressure laminate)  
  • - Facades
  • - Walls and Ceilings
  • - Floors
  • - Skin

 - Abet Laminati (High-Pressure Decorative Phenolic Panel)

  • - Facades
  • - Sunscreens
  • - Outdoor Signage
  • - Balconies
  • - Street Furniture
  • - Interior Application
- Eastern Architectural Products (Fiber cement cladding panels)
- Dizal (Digitally printed building products)

- TerraCORE Panels

TerraCORE by GammaStone (Lightweight veneer panels)

  • - Brick Air
    - Natural Air
    - Glass Air
    - Mosaic Air
    - Gres Air
    - CFRC Plus Air

- TerraCORE by Fiandre (Large-format porcelain panels)

- Omnis Panels (Engineered Stone Rainscreen Panels and Attachment Systems)

  • - Petrarch
  • - Steni
  • - SikaTack

ATAS International, Inc.


Insulated Metal Wall Panels

ATAS International, Inc.

Cladding Attachment Systems                            

- Monarch Metal Fabrication

  • - Monarch Z Clips
  • - Cladding and Rainscreen Systems
  • - Interior Wall Systems
  • - Architectural Metals

- SikaTack® (Adhered Rainscreen Panel Attachment) 


Girt Systems/Continuous Building Insulation 


High Performance Air and Moisture Barriers

Intumescent Paint
- ZENOVA FP (fire-resistant paint that prevents the ignition and spread of fire)