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The REPS Report - November 2022


November Spotlight Products



JM EPDM Roofing Solutions

Johns Manville 

Why Choose EPDM Rubber Roofing?

EPDM is a cost-effective, durable, long-lasting, and easy to install product, all of which ads value to a commercial roofing job.

Why Choose JM?

The Milan, Ohio EPDM production facility is one of the world's most technologically advanced, allowing JM to extrude their sheets instead of using the traditional calendering process.

JM's EPDM manufactured thicker with a more uniform surface finish. This advancement in manufacturing cleaner sheets requires less preparation to ensure a stronger bond during installation.

Choose local, choose the best!

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Waterproofing Spotlight Product:


Situra RedLINE® Waterproof Expansion Joint

  •  - Specifically developed to waterproof expansion and control joints
  •  - Solves the dual problem of accommodating movement (and contraction) while at the same time maintaining water tightness
  •  - Developed to be installed at the waterproof membrane level
  •  - Provides for a non-obstructive joint, allowing free water drainage across the joint
  •  - Designed for use with all types of liquid (hot or cold) e.g. asphalt/coal tar pitch mopped systems.

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